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As one of the South Asia’S renowned institutions for language learning, we offer top quality language education, currently online in Singapore.

At MyteacherLanguages, we pride ourselves in having our student conversational in a relatively short amount of time. Our classes give an emphasis on conversation and real daily life interactions while we will following a comprehensive curriculum for grammar, a necessary step to sit for major language examinations.

With our unique system and stellar track record over the past decade, learners are assured to understand and navigate effortlessly in dialogues of most daily situation, in as little as 50 hours.

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Anne choog

Although I had learned Spanish for 1 year prior to moving to Malaysia, due to lack of practice my Spanish had gotten incredibly rusty. As time passed I began to feel more and more insecure about my knowledge of Spanish, and decided to take Spanish classes in Kuala Lumpur to re-build my confidence. After searching […]

Jemmima Lim

Amazing tutors, awesome learning experience. MyTeacher helps me to learn a new language  effectively. Constant practices on listening, speaking and writing allow me to improve a lot on the  French language. It was truly an enriching experience for Daniel to bring the French culture into the classroom which motivates me to learn the language!


“An urge to pick up a new language (Italian) has brought me to MyTeacher, under the tutelage of Lucia. A dedicated and passionate figure with much patience and skills to deliver her knowledge of the language and it’s structure, she guides me to learn with ease and comfort. She also creates a warm and conducive […]

Bridget Yen

I would rate 10 Stars if there was an option. Friendly staffs and teachers, a really good place to learn with a reasonable price, Monsieur Daniel makes learning easy and fun! Highly recommended!


Learning French with MyTeacher these past few years has been fun and insightful. The customized learning manual makes learning much easier and the systematic approach gives you a fail-safe methodology if you are willing to put in the required hours. Plus classes are fun and can be customized so it’s not boring.


Excellent course! I really appreciate all the notes and materials given to me to help me understand and learn quicker and better. Myteacher is very patient and motivates me a lot throughout my course. Thank you My Teacher!