Why MyTeacher?


Born in Loire Valley, our founder Daniel Kermorvant has travelled to more than   50 countries, bringing with him a   kaleidoscope of experience, knowledge   and insight to language and culture   learning.

It was through these experiences that Daniel realized the power of languages to connect people of all cultures and backgrounds. With this in mind, he wishes to share his passion for languages with all his students, and to cultivate a life-long appreciation of his beautiful mother tongue.




Over the course of 13 years to date, we have successfully developed customized language programs for thousands of learners who have the following objectives:

To speak a new language and travel to the country for visiting purposes effortlessly

To boost their career prospects by being able to speak with French speaking clients and colleagues in a professional environment

To excel in official language exams

To migrate to another country

To further their studies or gain employment in a new country


We are teaching 20 European and Asian languages

Our teachers are coming from more than 20 different countries. All teachers follow MyTeacher’s teaching methodology to ensure ………….

MyTeacher’s methodology has been designed by Daniel Kermorvant for the French conversation program. This set of innovative tools is a breakthrough against traditional methods and allow a syllabus to co:

Less grammar

Very simple and logical

Lego game: just combine elements and create sentences or questions after just a few hours.



Following great successes, Myteacher’s team has been converted the French program in 20 different languages following similar sequences.




FOC assessment

Free 20mn trial class

Study at your own peace

Personal attention from

Flexible & Convenient

1-year validity

Great for fast learners



Fees per hour

Total fees

One class – 1h 1h SGD50 SGD50
Package – 15h 10 classes of 1,5h SGD42 SGD630
Package – 20h 10 classes of 2h SGD40 SGD800
Package – 30 20 classes of 1,5h SGD36 SGD1,050
Package – 40 20 classes of 2h SGD36 SGD1,400

Stellar results with children & teenagers sitting for examinations and coming from international schools.

Stellar results with children & teenagers sitting for examinations and coming from international schools.

Your child is between 7 – 9 years old. Contact us for more info regarding our young learner programs

Great experiences in analyzing, designing and teaching customized programs for corporates and government bodies

Anne choog

Although I had learned Spanish for 1 year prior to moving to Malaysia, due to lack of practice my Spanish had gotten incredibly rusty. As time passed I began to feel more and more insecure about my knowledge of Spanish, and decided to take Spanish classes in Kuala Lumpur to re-build my confidence. After searching […]

Jemmima Lim

Amazing tutors, awesome learning experience. MyTeacher helps me to learn a new language  effectively. Constant practices on listening, speaking and writing allow me to improve a lot on the  French language. It was truly an enriching experience for Daniel to bring the French culture into the classroom which motivates me to learn the language!


“An urge to pick up a new language (Italian) has brought me to MyTeacher, under the tutelage of Lucia. A dedicated and passionate figure with much patience and skills to deliver her knowledge of the language and it’s structure, she guides me to learn with ease and comfort. She also creates a warm and conducive […]

Bridget Yen

I would rate 10 Stars if there was an option. Friendly staffs and teachers, a really good place to learn with a reasonable price, Monsieur Daniel makes learning easy and fun! Highly recommended!


Learning French with MyTeacher these past few years has been fun and insightful. The customized learning manual makes learning much easier and the systematic approach gives you a fail-safe methodology if you are willing to put in the required hours. Plus classes are fun and can be customized so it’s not boring.


Excellent course! I really appreciate all the notes and materials given to me to help me understand and learn quicker and better. Myteacher is very patient and motivates me a lot throughout my course. Thank you My Teacher!

Mun Yee

Myteacher was such a wonderful, kind and jovial teacher. For each lesson, she was very well prepared and always give us more. With that our lessons became very interesting and interactive. Thank you very much for your kind attention, guidance and encouragement. I would recommend My teacher languages centre to anyone who would like to […]

Yasmeen Mee

I am so glad that I studied in My Teachers Languages , I never thought that from part one I will be this good .Thank you very much.


French class with Monsieur Daniel was a large contributor to the ease of understanding the IBDP (International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme) French syllabus. At the beginning of the diploma course French was a major hurdle for me to overcome as I had never attempted to learn another language before, especially one that is foreign to me […]


Mr. Daniel is an excellent teacher as he makes sure to always gauge your level of language comprehension before the class starts and at the ends in order to determine whether you are in pace with the class materials. This method has helped me a lot and it itself has showed myself on how much […]


My Portuguese class is very comprehensive and interesting. I enjoyed learning Portuguese here because the class is designed based on our progress and I got to know the culture of Portugal.

Margherita Scire

Hello to the whole team at My teacher’s Language School, being a mother of 3 kids who are studying at the French School in KL, I’m daily confronted in my life with French language. I have attended the French group class for the year 2014-2015 courses at My Teacher’s School, and was a big enrichment […]

Aiman Ahmad Marzio

” The prospect of jumping into DELF A1 exams in barely 3 months was daunting, to say the least. Thank goodness my perhaps-slightly-over-ambitious goal was met with the enthusiasm and dedication of Daniel Kermorvant. Daniel, with his well-thought-through, concise [miracle] methodology and confident, cut-to-the-chase teaching made the journey to my first French exam – in […]

Yee HuiChim

“My name is Chim and I have been learning French with Mr Daniel for more than a year. He is a very experienced language teacher as he clearly knows what the student’s weakness is and how to improve it. In my opinion, the most challenging part of language learning is speaking impromptu. He has developed […]

Khirenjeet Kaur

“I would first like to share with you, my first-year results that I successfully passed my french in university with a 62% and for my DELF A2 examination, I scored a 81.50%. And I sincerely wanted to thank you and I know I could not have done it without you. Once again I would like […]

Rebecca Gan

Learning French at MyTeacher has not only been extremely enjoyable but it also helped me discover my passion for learning a new language. And I find this passion a key to learning effectively. It is a whole new teaching approach to school, and in my opinion, it is very effective!